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We provide in-house repair with our state-of-the-art repair Lab equipped with Automatic Testing Equipment’s for testing and repairing of electronics components, if needed down to a component level be it through-hole, surface mount or BGA devices.


We are equipped with Automatic high tech Test Equipment’s expertise in extracting Schematics from any obsolete circuit. When some of obsolete modules could not be sourced, and the volume for re-manufacturing is too low, we offer a retrofitting solution.


To boost the quality and reliability of the equipment back to original condition, we replace and recondition the worn parts in our laboratory. The system shall be systematically tested and measured in order to achieve a new life time of the product.


Motion Control Systems

We address electronic equipment repair issues in the fields of motion control and positioning systems equipment.

Power Supplies Repair

We repair Power Supply Units ranging from Computer Equipment to Medical Devices, Industrial equipment .

HMI & SCADA Repair

We repair for SCADA and HMI equipment for a broad range of customers.

Spare Parts services

We source all of our spare parts requirements which meets the OEM component specification.

Reverse Engineering

we employ the advances in the area of reverse engineering to offer a fast, flexible and accurate service.

Fault Analysis

We use advanced analysis techniques to dig deep into any electronic problem and identify the root cause of same.

Component Level Debug

We are expertise and equipment to identify and resolve to component level errors.

SMT & BGA Rework & Repair

We are equipped with the top-of-the-line BGA rework systems performing complex BGA rework operations

Rework Services

We do SMT (QFP, PLCC, Chip Style, LCC, SOP),SMT Fine Pitch, Ultra-Fine Pitch, PBGA, CBGA, Micro BGA, Flip Chip rework services.